CarriagesThe Murfreesboro Historical Association, Inc. preserves and makes available a wide range of artifacts and materials chronicling Murfreesboro’s history.

The Murfreesboro Historical Association, Inc. maintains many varied collections. Examples of the numerous individual artifacts maintained by the Historical Association are exhibited in various structures throughout the Historic District. Spanning hundreds of years, these resources include archaeological artifacts, clothing, household furnishings, agricultural implements, art, textiles, and written records testifying to the variety of cultures and stories of northeastern North Carolina.



The cost of acquiring, processing, conserving, storing and providing access to collection items is large. All items from donors are reviewed by the Murfreesboro Historical Association’s Collections Committee before being accepted, which ensures that the items do not duplicate those already owned by the Association. And, while the Association collects many things, not all items are appropriate for its collections. Items accepted should in some way represent the history of the town of Murfreesboro, a particular event or period in local history, or enhance the interpretation of a particular building.

People wishing to donate items to the collections should call the Association at (252) 398-5922 and the appropriate Collections Committee member will be contacted.


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