Wheeler House Southern Colonial MuseumMurfreesboro's Historic District contains outstanding examples of houses and commercial buildings constructed in the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. A wayfarer passing here in the spring of 1860 wrote flatteringly of the attractive homes. "As a general thing," he noted, "the country villages of our state are far from presenting a thriving cultivated appearance...but the citizens of this borough may well challenge any produce a place of the same size containing more handsome residences." The writer knew nothing of Murfreesboro's past, but intuition provided him with a sure sense of the stamp of history on the texture of the community. That same sense occurs to many of today's visitors.



Here are snapshots of the principle venues in the district, but a personal visit is the only way for you to partake of the richness of our town. Model A Ford



The Murfreesboro Historical Association offers a unique setting for your next gathering. For small intimate occasions to large parties, our picturesque historic district adds a special charm. Think about any of these historic buildings for weddings, family reunions, birthday parties, corporate picnics, etc.

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