Southall Cemetery

Southall Cemetary

The Southall Cemetery provides a lasting monument to the past and future of Murfreesboro. Located just off Broad Street, beside Hertford Academy, many of the graves of those fine people who provided leadership for the town of Murfreesboro are to be found there. In 1986 the Southall Cemetery Fund was established as a trust administered by the Murfreesboro Historical Association. Miss Emily Lawrence of Richmond, Virginia was instrumental in the founding of the fund. Many descendants of the families buried in Southall Cemetery have donated to the fund as well as others interested in the preservation of this landmark of the community. Southall is a private cemetery and the descendants of the families buried there have rights to burial plots. 

The Southalls were prominent members of the town of Murfreesboro beginning with Rev. Daniel Southall who moved to Murfreesboro in 1816. He married Miss Julia Riddick and they had 7 children, one of which was John W. Southall. After his wife died, he married Miss Patience W. Branch of Halifax County in 1810 and they had a daughter, Mary Susan Southall, who died at the age of 3 months. Rev. Daniel Southall died in 1830 at the residence of the Secretary of the Navy. John W. Southall became a prosperous merchant in the Murfreesboro community. 

Samples of the graves in the cemetery are as follows: 

Martha Frances daughter of John W. & Julia M. 9-11-1833 - 9-30-1853 died in Baltimore, Md.

Mary Williams daughter of John W. & Mary A. 2-1843 - 8-31-1854

Fannie Southall daughter Thomas N. & Julia R. Myrick 8-18-1857 - 2-6-1892

John W. Southall son Daniel & Julia Southall 7-29-1797 - 7-31-1873

Mary Southall wife John W. Southall 10-12-1810 - 3-22-1900

Susan Southall Lawrence wife Lewis Cowper Lawrence 10-12-1845 - 8-27-1938

Emma H. Capehart daughter Daniel & Julia Southall 12-9-1803 - 1-10-1848

Seth Riddick Southall 1-11-1819 - 1836 17 yrs. old

Mary Susan Southall daughter Daniel & Patience Southall 5-7-1823 - 1823 3 mos. old  

Other family graves in Southall Cemetery include: Vaughan, Lawrence, Pipkin, Pruden, Jennings, Harrell, Hall, Myrick, Knight, Capehart, Carr, Lassiter, Wynn, Futrell, and Jeggitt. 
The Southall Cemetery contains many beautifully carved stones as a memorial to the many notable people who lived in and founded this area. Visitors are asked to treat the area with the utmost respect.

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