Legal CenterBuilt in the early 1870s by William P. Beaman as a general store, this unimposing two story wood structure was purchased in 1879 by Uriah Vaughan Sr. and later willed to his daughter.

Over the many years it has served as a store, post office, town hall, and as law offices for Judge B.B. Winborne. (Interestingly, a codicil to Vaughan’s will stated that “B.B. Winborne has never owned the building known as the Winborne Law Office and upon my death the property will go to my daughter – Mrs. B.B. Winborne – and her heirs. For the use of the building Judge Winborne will provide me with such law services as needed and also pay the taxes and upkeep of the building.”)

Given to The Murfreesboro Historical Association by the Winborne heirs, the building was relocated from its Main Street location to the Historic District in 1976. Upstairs one can see the safe of Winborne & Brother (R.W. Winborne was a partner from 1883 to 1891) in its specially designed alcove, as well as the contents of Judge Winborne’s law office including the desks, law books, and records of both the Judge and his son Stanley.


Old Fashioned Country StoreThe first floor of the building is now interpreted as a turn-of-the-century Country Store Museum. Most of the contents of the Clarence Parker Store in Menola were purchased by the Historical Association in 1981, and that collection of historic food packages, sewing notions, items of clothing and hardware currently fills the shelves of the store.

The rural country store was often the hub of day-to-day life in small towns across America.

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