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“ A Cooling Breeze”, an eclectic collection of hand-held fans is now on permanent display at Hertford Academy, an MHA historic building. View fans online or arrange a tour...

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The Candlelight Christmas Tour and Southern Christmas Dinner was a wonderful event. Special thanks for our sponsors- they enabled us to promote the tour and provide seasonal decorations, food and music at the museums.

We must also thank the numerous (approx. 120) volunteers -- without them, there would not be an event that brings neighbors together to celebrate the Christmas season.

The following is a list of our sponsors:

2018 Candlelight Christmas Sponsors

Bynum Brown Rentals

Edwards Eye Care (Dr. Matthew S. Edwards) — Hill Realty
Lloyd Hill Rentals — Metal Tech (Ray Felton)
Taylor Freezer Sales (Charles Pond) — Southern Bank
James & Connie Sterling — Heidi & Henry Van Brackle

Bruce & Lizbeth Brown — Diane Dixon
Jones Law Office — Bob & Lisa Turner
Jenkins-Brown Insurance, Inc. — Don & Lynn Johnson
Johnson, McLean & Company

Percy and Lynette Bunch — Edwards Agency LLC/The Parker Agency
Revelle Realty

China Garden of Murfreesboro, Inc. — Colonial Pharmacy
Gay Implement Co., Inc. — James Epps Agency, Inc.
Nationwide  Insurance — Jamie & Becky Johnson (Ace Hardware)
Edward Jones Investments (Sara J. Crowder)
Murfreesboro Coffee Club — Parker Appraisals LLC
Rose Brothers Paving Co., Inc. — Sarah V. Parker   
Revelle & Lee, LLP  — Stitch Count
Town & College Cleaners — Clark West - Heating & Cooling

The MHA Annual Meeting was held on April 20th. The following Officers and Board members were elected:

President: Lamar Van Brackle
Vice-President: Lloyd Hill
Secretary: SuEllen Askew
Treasurer: Paige Sumner

Board members - Term Ends 2021:
Kenneth Christison
Sandra Fowler
Michael Saner
Steve Sumner
Ken Wolfskill

Calendar of Events for 2019

  • Soup & Sandwich
  • Annual Meeting
  • Brady C. Jefcoat Pork Fest
  • Hot Fudge Booth-Watermelon Festival
  • School Tours - October
  • 34th Annual Candlelight Christmas Tour & Southern
    Christmas Dinner


You may plan a group tour at any time, just call the office at 252-398-5922. Book your tour soon! You may wish to consider a self-guided walking tour. Booklets are available at the MHA Office for $7.00.

Property Rentals
Did you know that you can rent our lovely Hertford Academy, the Roberts-Vaughan Gazebo and grounds, and the Dr. Walter Reed Annex for weddings, family reunions, etc.? More details are listed here.

King's Landing -- Would you like to read past issues of the King's Landing?
The back issues are now available to view as a PDF (portable document format) file.

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Be sure to visit our About MHA page. There are many links to local affiliates.

Dale Neighbors, former MHA Executive Director, has started a blog about Murfreesboro history.
A blog allows others to read and post, thus creating a network of people interested in the same topic.
Perhaps you have historical knowledge of our town and would like to share and preserve it. If so,
log on and join Dale. Help make this idea a success.

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The Murfreesboro Historical Association is dedicated to preservation and our history. Our town has significant properties dating to the 1700's. Many are owned by MHA and others are private homes. In our historic district you can enjoy walking along brick sidewalks from one site to the next. Additionally, we are a town of museums - historic buildings with various collections that are unmatched anywhere else.

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