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“ A Cooling Breeze”, an eclectic collection of hand-held fans is now on permanent display at Hertford Academy, an MHA historic building. View fans online or arrange a tour...

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Dates for this year's events have not yet been confirmed. The following is a list of upcoming activities.

  • Annual Meeting - April
  • Pork Fest - Brady C. Jefcoat Museum
  • Watermelon Festival - Hot Fudge Cake Booth
  • School Tours
  • Historic Haunt/Ghost Walk
  • Soup & Sandwich Day
  • 32nd Annual Candlelight Christmas Tour

Tuesday’s Tidbits – Jennifer Whittington

This is a weekly article highlighting snippets of history from Murfreesboro, NC.  I have been deeply involved with the history of our town since I first volunteered for the MHA in 2004.  I decided to write a history book capturing facts and dispelling fiction regarding the Rea family.  This project is nearing completion.

My research has taken me to Salem and Boston, MA as well as every courthouse, library and cemetery in the northeast corner of North Carolina.  While researching information in courthouses and libraries, I kept running across and saving interesting yet non related information that I felt needed to be shared, not forgotten. 

So with that said, here is a beautifully written eulogy contained in the records of the Town of Murfreesboro 1887.

Article One: 10/18/16

Article Two: 10/24/16

Article Three: 10/31/16

Article Four: 11/8/16
Article Five: 11/15/16  

You may plan a group tour at any time, just call the office at 252-398-5922. Book your tour soon!
You may wish to consider a self-guided walking tour. Booklets are available at the MHA Office for $7.00.

Property Rentals
Did you know that you can rent our lovely Hertford Academy and the Roberts-Vaughan Gabezo and grounds for weddings, family reunions, etc.? More details are listed here.

King's Landing -- Would you like to read past issues of the King's Landing?
The back issues are now available to view as a PDF (portable document format) file.

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Be sure to visit our About MHA page. There are many links to local affiliates.

Dale Neighbors, former MHA Executive Director, has started a blog about Murfreesboro history.
A blog allows others to read and post, thus creating a network of people interested in the same topic.
Perhaps you have historical knowledge of our town and would like to share and preserve it. If so,
log on and join Dale.
Help make this idea a success.
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The Murfreesboro Historical Association is dedicated to preservation and our history. Our town has significant properties dating to the 1700's. Many are owned by MHA and others are private homes. In our historic district you can enjoy walking along brick sidewalks from one site to the next. Additionally, we are a town of museums - historic buildings with various collections that are unmatched anywhere else.

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